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Embaixada de Portugal em Bruxelas


From a very early age, Portuguese comics always had women artists in their ranks. It is impossible to go through the history of Portuguese comics without mentioning the names of Bixa, Manuela Torres, Maria Teresa Andrade Santos or Raquel Roque Gameiro. Or Alice Geirinhas, Ana Cortesão, Catherine Labey, Isabel Lobinho, etc.

In fact, there are so many varied voices in the feminine. Each with its own body and breathing… In the last decade, this number has grown exponentially. So exponential that it is impossible to give a general overview of the production carried out by women artists in such a short space. We leave you only the view of 15 out of many dozens of women who open windows to the world with the comic strip as a starting point. They all have exposed their work at the International Comics Festival of Beja, mainly in individual exhibitions…

The Authors

Bárbara Lopes

Carla Rodrigues

Inês Cóias

Joana Afonso

Joana Mosi

Maria João Worm

Marta Teives

Patrícia Guimarães

Raquel Costa

Rita Alfaiate

Sílvia Rodrigues

Sofia Neto

Sónia Oliveira

Susa Monteiro

Susana Resende

Embaixada de Portugal em Bruxelas